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This barangay was almost as old as the town of Pinamalayan. The place was inhabited as early as 1910. This enchanting place along the verdant shore, was so inviting  that the immigrant from Marinduque came in the group of their PUKUTAN compared to MAYFLOWER of the early pilgrim from England, these strong and daring people were the pilgrims of once the paradise shore. The Medrans, Llaves, Calixta de Castro with Lola Lucia & Maria Orsa. The Arriolas, Olayaos, Ricaldes, Paglinawan, Dimaalas, Sosas, Madrigals, Mendozas, Torres and Kabesang Elias. Elected presidents of Pinamalayan, Marcianos, Micianos Saway and Lamontes made up  the group of early settlers. Hillario Raymundo came late, a sanitary inspector.

Our Patron, our beloved Queen of Peace and Good voyage of Morente Clan. The first fiesta celebration was held on the early 1920’s in an improvised chapel. The first Moro-Moro was staged by the local actors and actresses. Palo Sebo, Huego de Anillo were played among the barrio folks. The first Barrio Queen a local beauty was Felomena Maravilles (nee pelo ulayao) bands and orchestras were hired from Mogpog, Boac and Sta. Cruz Marinduque making the more colorful and livelier.

During the early 1930’s Chinese Traders were attracted of the barrio development and progress, they keep coming successfully. And soon the prioneer followed by Cecilio Ong Tagle, Nano Tan, Hoca Go, Enchong and Andres Ong. Before the 1950’s the place an international port of call, exporting copras to foreign countries. The local cargo snips came weekly. Professionals from the barrio were scattered here and abroad. Our local elementary and high school, continue producing large number of professionals with the initiative of school heads and teachers.

Quinabigan was once a rendezvous of pirates and bandits, the place were they kept and divided loots, place were they fought one another for a bigger share, was called "PINAKABIGAN" which later trimmed to Quinabigan. Our beloved barangay was full of meaning, so enticing a peaceful place to live prepared and developed by our forefathers for all off us to love and share.

Quinabigan became a permanent settlement trough then first from Marinduque. It's etymon is Pinagkabigan derived fro the folk belief that pirates looting coastal communities keep and divide their loots in the area. The term was later changed to Quinabigan.

Quinabigan has its advantage among the early settlement of Pinamalayan through active development attempt that it had in the first three quarters of the century. It became an international port of all after the war. Commercial establishments and dial settle in the area.

Early names includes the Medrans, Llaves, Arriolas, Ricaldes, paglinawan, Dimaalas, Sosas, Madrigals, Mendozas and Torresses.

Incumbent officials include Edgardo M. Saway Sr., as barangay chairman and the kagawad are Honorato Privado, Eden M. Lagsac, Cesar M. Mantaring, Edwin D. Landicho, Joven D. Cajefe, Alberto M. Villamarin and Celso V. Mondoñedo Jr. The Barangay Secretary is Didith A lamonte and Ma. Ethel Thie M. Jamilla as the Barangay Treasurer.


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