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It is located 72 kilometers from the Provincial Capitol. On it’s west is Barangay Del Razon, north is Barangay Papandayan, south is the Municipality of Gloria and east is Tablas Strait.

It is a rural type of barangay. The Barangay has a total land area of almost 365 hectares and it is composed of seven (7) Sitios namely:

  1. Sta. Rita
  2. Centro Loob
  3. Sampalocan
  4. Canto
  5. Bacolod
  6. Centro Curva
  7. Riverside

It 85% of its population are catholic and the remaining 15% belongs to other religions. Main sources of living are farming, fishing, businesses and through employment. It’s barangay budget for 2015 is Php. 1,631,976.00 with BDRRM fund of Php. 81,599.00.



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